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Dryft Chronicles: Side B
April 13, 2014 06:57 AM PDT
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Heres is a mix of some Dubstep that defies the standards.

Blind Prophet - Wise Heart (Original Mix)
Flux & Flow - Dubstep Frequency (Original Mix)
DJ 4Mask - Assault (Original mix)
Dj Alexey Kapitonowww - Bridge (Original Mix)
Me Krob - Dreams (Original Mix)
Pluix - Altered Consciousness (Original Mix)
Phillipo Blake, Nikolay Kempinskiy - Where Are You (Bare B Remix)
GYSNOIZE - Space War (Original Mix)
Kry0genik - Bud N Dub (Original Mix)
The Escape - The Escape (Original Mix)

TFG Presents: Electronic Roulette 2
April 07, 2014 02:54 AM PDT
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Me and Zeifer got together to drop a mix all about having fun as dj, some transitions are sketchy but the music is all good and the tracks are picked at random. Enjoy.

Crazy Town - Starry Eyed Surprise (Paul Oakenfold rmx)
Ratchet - Poly Trolly (Digital Rust Remix)
King Cannibal - Aragami Style - Original Mix
Darth & Vader - Empire Strikes Back (Rroid Drazr Remix)
Flux Pavilion ft Sway & P Money - Double Edge
Bump - Sour (Original Mix)
Actraiser - Art Of Balance - Original Mix
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two
Zamali - The Journey feat. Julie E Gordon - Jayl Funk remix
Future Rock - The Birth Of Double H - Original Mix
Esone - B-Boy Touch - Original Mix
Stuart Duffield - Front-End
Adventure Club ft. The Kite String Tangle - Wonder
Zeifer - The Longest Road (Zeifer Remix)
Morgan Page - The Longest Road (Deadmau 5 rmx)
Public Enemy vs. Benny Benassi - Bring the Noise Remix (Pump-kin Remix)
Curtis B - It Gets Harder - Chunk N Attack Remix
Expansion Union - Struck By Lightning
Dj Tiesto - C-Mon
Tiesto, Diplo, Busta Rhymes - C’Mon (Catch 'Em By Surprise) - Extended Club Mix
Dev - In The Dark (Hype Jones 2012 Remix)
Candi - Hop'N Pop'N (Disco Fries Dirty Remix)
Parallax Breakz, M_Spark - Sun - Parallax Breakz VIP Mix
Underworld - Underworld - Born Slippy(Refracture Remix)
The Prodigy - Omen
B. Rich - Everyday Hustle - Flinch Remix
Figure - The Brown Note (Original Mix)
Mark Instinct - 15 Karat - Bare 16K VIP Remix
Rusko - Wooboost (original Mix)
Numbernin6 - Breathe Remix
Downlink - Ignition
Bratkilla - Masturbating Flesh Collector
Calvin Harris feat. Example - We'll Be Coming Back (Killsonik Remix)
DallasK - Alienz (NYMZ Remix)
T-pain - Speakers Going Hammer (Dubstep Remix)
Armin van Buuren - Who's Afraid Of 138?! (Photographer Remix)
Jamie Drummond - Magic Man (Original Mix)
Harmonic Rush - We're Ghosts (Original Mix)
NuNrg - Dreamland (G&M Project Remix)
Push - Universal Nation - Oliver Lieb Remix
Sub Focus - Falling Down feat. Kenzie May (Original Mix)

Dryft Chronicles Back in the Trap
March 31, 2014 01:34 AM PDT
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Toki - Strong Lighting (Original Mix)
Cosmo - Hostage feat. Shes LB (Trap Mix)
Tom Tash, Frank aka Farec, Patrick Hofmann, Levina - Fly (Tash & Frank TRAP Remix)
MRK1, Jamakabi - Deeper Than You (Original Mix)
Syntheticsax, DJ DimixeR - Halloween Party (Dj Varda Trap Remix)
MRK1 - My Money (Original Mix)
Martin Garrix - Animals (Victor Niglio & Martin Garrix Festival Trap Remix)
Arcade - Sup Bass 808 (Original Trap Mix)
Tapecut, ZTR, Crooked Tunez - Mesmeric (Original Mix)
We Bang - Wo Ah (ForeverKid Trap Remix)

Dryft Chronicles: Saudade
March 17, 2014 04:20 AM PDT
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Heres a mix with a feeling I havent done in quite some time its Tech House so enjoy it. [Look up the name of the mix and you will fully understand the purpose of the title]

Beatz Projekted - Shishka (Original Mix)
Eddy T - Push The Botton (Original Mix)
Jose Diaz, Sergi Moreno - Paco (Original Mix)
Max Noize - Party Time! (Original Mix)
OscaRomero - Trintronik (Afm Groove Remix)
Toni Vilchez - Percumania (Claudia Tejeda "Cosawa" Remix)
Hernan Serrao, Dirty Rhythm Syndicate - Blue Moon (The Starfuckerz Remix)
David Perezgrueso - Airport (Original Mix)
Nadia Ali, Alex Sayz - Free To Go (Stefano Noferini Club Mix)
Oliver Klein - Suspenders (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix)
Ramon Kreisler - Pride (Original Mix)
Christiano Pequeno - Villamil (Original Mix)
Tony Thomas - Quim (D-Trax And Wallie Remix)
Deejay Mo - Turn Around (Original Mix)
Chris Count - Wonderland (Original Tribal Mix)

TFG Presents: Meraki
March 13, 2014 06:26 PM PDT
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Dryft and Zeifer for another 5x5 mix. This is smooth mix of some good DnB, multiple styles, multiple feels, lots of deep bass.

KOAN Sound & Asa - Starlite
Hybrid Minds - Music Talks
Apex - Surrender
Krone - Tears Of Gaia
Thesis - Homecoming
Decon - Crispy Chicken Dub (Original Mix)
BrokenDrum - Closure (Original Mix)
BrokenDrum - Don't Fall In Love (Original Mix)
Eschaton, Sky Residents - Open Air (Suenos) (Original Mix)
M25 Feat First Function - Cold Feelings(Original Mix)
Another Dimension - New Life (Original Mix)
Logistics - No Words
Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Switch Fusion Remix)
Madeon - Icarus (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
Netsky & London Elecktricty - Just One Memory (Symphonix VIP)
Millions Like Us - Don't Let Go (InContext Remix)
Seba - Painted Skies (Natty Killah Rmx)
Fracture Design - The Lights Within Her Eyes (Nelver Remix)
360 Joynt - Magnetic Forces (Original Mix)
Eye Depth feat. Jasmine Knight - Be With You (Original Mix)
Bass'flo - Mount Everest (Original Mix)
Scale & Acid Lab - A Secret Place (Original Mix)
Seathasky - Swarm (Original Mix)
Sense, Solarcube - Come Back To Me (Original Mix)
Eye Depth - Systematic Thoughts (Original Mix)
Formtek - Another Day
Malaky & Command Strange - Can't Get Away
Nelver - Not Coming Down
FullCasual & The Torch feat. Intimate - Mute (Against Remix)
Jaydan - She's Heaven
La Roux - In 4 The Kill (Subsonik Re-Edit)
Charli XCX - You're The One (Loadstar Remix)
Brian Brainstorm - Ravers Choice (Original Mix)
Marco Del Horno, Emi Green feat. Emi Green - This Town Is Ours (S.P.Y Remix)
Mad Vibes, Rome - My World (Original Mix)
Royce, Freesteppa - Galactica (Muffler Remix)
S.I.N, Mc Biggie feat. Mc Biggie - HOW WE DO THIS (Original Mix)

Dryft Chronicles: Benevolence
March 01, 2014 05:58 PM PST
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Needed to mix so I just grabbed some tracks throwing them together, enjoy this random mix of Electro and Progressive House.

Aron Scott - Days At Sea (Luka Cheerys Remix)
2BeManiacs - Symphony (Original Mix)
Sergey Tkachev - Ankylophobia (Original Mix)
Afrojack - Esther (Brown Sugar & Kid Shakers Remix)
Jonathan Ulysses, Peter Brown - No Friends (Peter Brown Dub Mix)
Mac Zimms - Your Horny Horns
Patrick Hagenaar - Work It (Till Ya Pass Out) (Lauer & Canard Remix)
Sebastien Drums, Eric G, Tom Geiss - Funky Beep (Romain Curtis Remix)
Filthy Rich, Jorgensen - Vacant (The Good Guys Remix)
Nelski - Body Pop (Nelski Remix)
Etienne Ozborne, Zoltan Kontes feat. Polina Griffith - I Really Want to Say (Big Room Mix)
Tune Brothers, Jolly feat. Tesz Millan - Every Move (Kutalek & Biedermann Remix)
Francesco Diaz, Jeff Rock - DISCO (Original Mix)
Eric Powell - Homeland (Strongerman)

Dryft Chronicles Disturbing the Peace
February 16, 2014 12:22 AM PST
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Here is a good mix of some Dubstep, it was supposed to be progressive but i got sidetracked as usual. Enjoy.

1point5 - Following
KURRUPTdata & Dilemma - Fight 5:15
Noulan, Kelayx - No Never 10:05
Other Echoes - Juice Bumps 13:55
The Buildzer, Nah, Adriana Hamilton - Cyber Hunter (VIP Version) 17:30
Dimension Flux - Disengage (SpekrFreks Remix) 22:05
HeavyWeight - Butterknife (Mitis Remix) 26:20
Helicopter Showdown - Can U Feel Me 30:50
LeReezo, Megagone - Can't Shake This Feeling (U.D. & Jowin Remix) 34:15
Monolow - Zed (Futur Arles Rmx) 37:55
Dekrux - Settle it 42:40

TFG Presents: Sex Sells (Disco House)
February 08, 2014 05:28 PM PST
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February is the month of love and the marketing of sex so this series is about music that is sexy from all genres. Enjoy

Dj Fopp, Ciko Dj - Supercent (DJ Fopp Club Mix)
El Seano - Nobody Else 5:25
Father & Son - Pump It Up (Luke DB Extended Mix) 10:24
Les Schmitz, Alex Del Amo - Everybody Get Up (Crazibiza Remix) 14:20
Mike Gillenwater, Paul Anthony - Big Titties In Dallas 19:20
Raoul Zerna - The Sweeter Tune 23:30
DJ Zimmo - Wanna Party 27:55
Dj Funsko - DiscoDanzing 32:30
Kreap - Subliminal Static Automatic Floor Assembler 36:20
Nervous Kid - Feels Good 41:00
Mike Gillenwater - Side By Side 47:35
Ren Riz - You 52:10
Paul Cayrol - Do It 55:50
Serial Thrilla - High 59:22
The Sugarland Gang - Downtown 63:07
Nervous Kid - Don't Say 68:15
Skingz - I Surrender (Joey Chicago Remix) 73:30
Dirty Swinger - Feel So Right (DJ ZImmo Remix) 77:46
Steven Caretti - Touch Me! 82:43
House Republic - Turn Your Love Around 87:00

Dryft Chronicles: NuDisco Vibe
February 02, 2014 05:17 PM PST
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Here's something new, this is my first NuDisco mix and its pretty good. it tries to take the different styles and put them together for a smooth sound.

Cassian - Final Round
Bodie Lee - Monaco (DJ Agent's 86's Disco-Bomb Edit) 3:32
FIscherspooner - Supply & Demand (Moguai Mix) 8:50
DJ Hecan - Name Dropping 16:00
Popmuschi - Pink (Stereofunk and Finelizer Remix) 20:00
Duck Sauce - aNYway 24:25
Yam Who?, Shovel - Pop Your Funk 29:10

T.F.G. Presents: Trance in Ya Pants
January 31, 2014 06:11 PM PST
itunes pic

Heres the start of the TFG mix series, we're kicking it off with some Trance. Enjoy

Portishead - Roads (Sultan & Tone Depth Remix)
Above & Beyond - No One On Earth (Sonorous Remix)
Alexander Popov - Hypnotize
Dmitry Ference - Won't Let You Go - Alexander BobkoV Remix
ATB - Desperate Religion (Cunningham rmx)
Funabashi - Daylight (Original mx)
Signalrunners - 3000 Miles Away (Probspot Club mx)
Jean Michel Jarre - Vintage (ATB rmx)
Antonia Lucas, JP Bates - Closer - Jonas Hornblad Remix
Nic Chagall - What You Need - Marco V Remix
Aimoon - Rainbow Rays (Sunsvision Remix)
Bedrock - Heaven Scent - Greg Downey Remix
Marksun & Brian - Neno Itome (Original mx)
Mark Norman - Ventura (ATB rmx)
Carrie Skipper - Time Goes By (Super 8 Deep mx)
ATB - Nightwatch

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